Renan Benedito (Salvador, Bahia, 1997) is a photographer, director and mentor. Having his first contact with photography at 15 years old, today he’s represented by the galleries Paulo Darzé and Casa Rosa Amarela. Renan already stacks participation in exhibitions such as at MAM-BA, SP-Arte, SP-Foto, Palacete das Artes and Bahia Justice Tribunal. In 2020, Renan was the winner of Concurso Singular Plural contest. In the publicity, he directed and photographed for enterprises such as NPR, ELLE, Facebook, Renner, Mrv and Itaú, in particular the campaign “Leia para uma criança” and the movie “FUTURO”, 2020, for the project ELLE Stories, for a ELLE Brasil project.

In his photographs, specially “Infância Periférica” and “SimplesImenso” series (both from 2019, of which predominates the photographic craft with mineral pigment on cotton paper), Renan’s gaze turns to the childhood of the human being. More than the main characters, these children represent the emotional element that supports all the initiative promoted by the artist. Portrayed with the typical spontaneity of children, in daily life situations, the simplicity of photographs keep not only the technical dominion and Renan’s sensibility, such as layers of reading filled with innocence, happiness, friendship, strength and hope.

By the way, “hope” is a word constantly used by the artist to present and define these works. Strengthening the self esteem of the people presented, Renan begins to help construct, in the present, a chain of dreams. Like the waters in his photographs, each child, now still a drop, transforms into a beautiful promise of ocean.